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The Fancy Philosophy

Based in the heart of rural north Essex, The Fancy Feed Company is family owned and run and dedicated to producing well balanced, nutritious poultry and animal feeds from the best natural ingredients.  

Fancy Feed Director, Minty Knowles, founded the company in 2008 having kept her own chickens and ducks. An interest in rare breed poultry and fondness for bantams in particular led to the development of the recognisable small pellet size that is now used throughout the Fancy Feed range.

The Fancy Feed range now caters for all ages of poultry and waterfowl as well as including specialist products for goats, rabbits and wild birds. Our UFAS-accredited mill works to strict quality standards and production technology is constantly updated to ensure we make the very best of our ingredients.

Our Ingredients

The quality of our ingredients is fundamental to our philosophy and all are, whenever possible, sourced locally. Our ingredients are carefully selected and combined by our nutrition team according to scientifically researched formulations to provide the optimum nutritional balance. This means a bag of Fancy contains special ingredients that are genuinely unique such as:
This is a form of “organic” selenium which is more easily absorbed and utilised by the body than more widely used “inorganic” forms (improved bioavailability). Selenium is a powerful antioxidant plays a role in both male and female fertility.
A prebiotic which helps optimise gut health and support the body’s immune response by “mopping up” and suppressing harmful bacteria in the digestive tract.
Quality Protein
A number of sources including soya, linseed and grass meal are chosen for their quality protein content. This means they supply high levels of essential amino acids, like lysine and methionine, which are important components of body tissues.
Omega 3 & 6 Fatty Acids
Supplied by oils like those from soya and linseed, these are vital components of cell membranes and particularly important for healthy skin.
Vitamins and Minerals
Each blend is scientifically formulated for optimum health and well-being and is protected to ensure that the full spectrum of vitamins and minerals remain available in the feed for as long as possible.

Carefully Cooked Cereals
Cooking makes the cereals more digestible, an issue which is of particular importance to the sensitive goat digestive system. The flaked cereals in our goat mixes are therefore cooked using a technique called micronisation which utilises infrared technology to “gelatinise” the starch content and make it more digestible. 

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