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HEKA Incubator

A lucky person has won the fabulous HEKA Format Incubator, plus ten runners-up will be receiving a free bag of Fancy Layers Pellets (20 kg). We will be in contact with winners next week to notify them. 

This electronically controlled cabinet incubator with a fully automatic egg turner is an ideal incubator for small breeders and beginners as it is easy to use and gives excellent hatching results. The cabin is made from a plastic coated wooden board and the door, fitted with insulated glazing, is also surrounded by a plastic frame. It is absolutely hygienic and easy to clean with 90-egg capacity, 2 incubating trays and 2 hatching baskets.

To find out more about HEKA Incubators visit, email or call HEKA on 020 7099 3159.
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